The Political Leadership of the Anishinabek Nation


Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Reg Niganobe

Anishinabek Nation Regional Deputy Grand Council Chiefs

In previous terms, there has been one Deputy Grand Council Chief position; however, since the 2018 elections, there are four Regional Deputy Grand Council Chiefs. The additional Regional Deputy Grand Council Chiefs will allow for greater capacity and political representation at the regional level. The four regions are: Northern Superior, Lake Huron, Southeast, and Southwest.

The 2021-2024 elected Regional Deputy Grand Council Chiefs are:


Lake Huron Region

Travis Boissoneau

Garden River First Nation

RDGCC Melvin Hardy

Northern Superior Region

Melvin Hardy

Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek


Southeast Region

James R. Marsden

Alderville First Nation


Southwest Region

Joe Miskokomon

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation


The Anishinabek Nation has the inherent right bestowed by the Creator to enact any laws necessary in order to protect and preserve Anishinaabe culture, languages, customs, traditions and practices for the betterment of the Anishinabek.

The Grand Council enact Rules of Procedure to govern the Grand Council and the Anishinabek Nation Government administers the rules.

The Anishinabek Nation hosts two assemblies each year, one in June and one in November, alternating locations based on region. The purpose of the assemblies is to bring together Anishinabek Nation leadership, staff, and other stakeholders to discuss the status of existing mandates and next steps, and to provide direction on new mandates.

The Grand Council Chief and four regional Deputy Grand Council Chiefs are selected through a Traditional Election process during the Grand Council Assembly every three years.


The Anishinabek Nation has been active in the negotiation and implementation of various components of its governance structures, including the building and caring of the Anishinabek Nation Bundle. The following items make up the Anishinabek Nation Bundle:

  • Eagle Staff
  • Wampum Belts
  • Medicines
  • Traditional Bonnets (Grand Council Chief, Regional Deputy Grand Council Chiefs, and the Eshekenijig Council)

Appropriate ceremonies and protocols were respected for each item in the Bundle.