• Nations develop laws to govern how their citizens will live together in harmony.
  • Laws are made for the peace, order, and good governance of a Nation.
  • Laws may be written documents or passed orally through ceremony and teachings.


  • The Anishinabek Nation has always had laws.
  • Our original laws are the Seven Sacred Gifts given by the Creator: Love, Truth, Respect, Wisdom, Humility, Honesty and Bravery.
  • The Anishinabek Nation continues to make laws for our citizens today.
  • The Anishinabek Nation Matrimonial Real Property Law passed in 2007, and the on-going development of the Anishinabek Nation Child Welfare Law and the Anishinbek E’Dbendaagzijig Naaknigewin (citizenship law) are examples of present day laws being established.


The Anishinabek Nation’s current process for making written laws generally includes:

  • Direction from the Anishinabek Nation Chiefs-in-Assembly by resolution that a law is required and is to be developed;
  • Establishment of a committee, such as a Steering Committee, which is responsible for developing the draft law;
  • Consulting with Anishinabek citizens on what should be included in the law;
  • Drafting the law;
  • Presenting and reporting on the draft law;
  • Approval of the law by the Anishinabek Chiefs-in-Assembly; and
  • Proclaiming the law through ceremony that includes song, dance, feast, and give-aways