Circle Process

Circle Process

The Anishinabek Nation Circle Process (Circle Process or ANCP) is a culturally-based, voluntary, child-centered, confidential circle, providing Anishinabek First Nation families with the support needed to create a plan that address child and youth well-being issues.

Guiding Principles
This non-judgmental approach assists Anishinabek children, youth and families in creating solutions to family conflict, provided in a safe space, using the guiding principles of:

  • Teachings;
  • Flexibility;
  • Adaptability to the child/youth and family;
  • Neutrality; and
  • Connection to community and culture.

The Circle Process can be accessed at any step of the care process, utilizes the Anishinabek Nation Child Well-Being Law, and supports Anishinabek families that are involved or at-risk of becoming involved in child protection matters.

In our current implementation phase of the Circle Process, we are actively recruiting:

  • Facilitators – to assist with organization and implementation of the Circle Process; and
  • Elders – to provide teachings, ceremony, support and spiritual guidance for the Circles.

Click here to access the application to become a Facilitator (training will be provided).

Click here to access the application to become an Elder (two Elders from each Anishinabek community will be appointed to the Elders Roster).

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