Circle Process

Circle Process


The goal of the Anishinabek Nation Circle Process (Circle Process or ANCP) is to support child and youth well-being through a culturally-based, voluntary, non-court mandated, child-centered, confidential circle, providing family dispute resolution.

This non-judgmental approach assists Anishinabek children, youth and families in creating solutions to family conflict, provided in a safe space, using the guiding principles of:

  • Teachings;
  • Flexibility;
  • Adaptability;
  • Neutrality; and
  • Connection to community and culture.

The Circle Process can be accessed at any step of the care process, utilizes the Anishinabek Nation Child Well-Being Law, and supports Anishinabek families that are involved in or at risk of becoming involved in children protection matters.

In our current implementation phase of the Circle Process, we are actively recruiting:

  • Facilitators – to assist with organization and implementation of the Circle Process; and
  • Elders – to provide teachings, ceremony, support and spiritual guidance for the Circles.

Click here to access the application to become a Facilitator (training will be provided).

Click here to access the application to become an Elder (two Elders from each Anishinabek community will be appointed to the Elders Roster).

Questions? Contact:

Vicky Laforge, Lead Facilitator

Anishinabek Nation Circle Process

Phone: 705-499-7433