Communications Vision

To give a voice to the vision of the Anishinabek Nation, based on values of Truth, Honesty, Wisdom, and Respect, as handed down in Anishinabek Medicine Wheel teachings.

Department Goals

  • Effective communications planning, advice and implementation
  • Effective internal and external communications
  • Create public education resources

Primary Activities

Activities are based on an Anishinabek Medicine Wheel teaching about the gifts of the four directions: TRUTH (Media Relations), HONESTY (Public Education), WISDOM (Anishinabek News) and RESPECT (Communications Support).

Media Relations

To provide First Nation and mainstream journalists with accurate and timely information about Anishinabek Nation plans and activities; to assist Anishinabek Nation First Nations in dealing with media. To view news releases, click here.

Public Education

To link with non-Indigenous educators and community leaders and form networks to distribute accurate information about Anishinabek cultures, traditions, and contemporary issues.

Online elementary resource:  Ezhi-nawending:  How We Are Related, can be accessed through our education resources page

Online secondary school resource: Gdoo-Sastamoo Kii Mi: This is our Understanding, can be accessed through our education resources page

Anishinabek News

To produce a newspaper and related publications designed to foster pride and share knowledge about Anishinabek culture, goals, and accomplishments.

Communications Support

To act as communications advisors and consultants for Anishinabek Nation leaders and programs, and to develop internal and external communications strategies, products, and services as required.