The Lands and Resources Department was established within the Union of Ontario Indians in the spring of 2007. Currently, there are five (5) program areas with staffing capabilities. These include: Anishinabek/Ontario Resource Management Council, Water Resources, Minerals and Mining, Trapping, and Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement.


The Lands and Resources mission is to foster a better quality of life by ensuring access to natural resources by supporting the goals, values and aspirations of the Anishinabek Nation.

Guiding Principles

Capacity Building

  • by creating opportunities our communities are empowered to increase the natural, technical and financial capacity derived and generated from our lands and natural resources.”
  • Jurisdiction and Treaty Rights -“by building and preserving Anishinabek laws within our territories, communities can continue to assert and exercise jurisdiction, implementing ownership of lands, water and resources.”
  • Access to Lands and Resources – “our communities are strengthened by continuous advocacy efforts to increase access to lands and resources.”

Value Statements

  • Environmental Values – “by respecting Mother Earth we foster change which will sustain our lands and resources, preserving the integrity of the Seventh Generation and our Anishinabe Bimaaadziwn.
  • Awareness and Communication – “with a continual effort to understand our communities we are committed to facilitate education, sharing current events and traditional wisdom.”

Lands and resources meets the mandate by:

  • monitoring issues
  • development of clear communication to First Nations and members
  • completing resolution follow-up tasks, and other duties directed by First Nations, Regional Chief, Assemblies and Grand Council.