The Restoration of Jurisdiction Department at the Union of Ontario Indians was mandated by the Anishinabek Grand Council Chiefs-in-Assembly in 1995 to establish and carry out negotiations with the Governments of Canada and Ontario to restore jurisdiction in several areas including, but not limited to governance, education, social services, jurisdiction, economic development and health, with the initial focus on governance and education.


“The Restoration of Jurisdiction Department at the Union of Ontario Indians is committed to rebuild traditional governance. Our process is to facilitate the recognition of the inherent jurisdiction of the Anishinabek Nation by supporting and executing the Nation Building initiatives to ensure the political goals, values, and aspiration of the Anishinabek Nation are asserted.  our key initiatives are: Ratification of the Anishinabek Education Agreement, Comprehensive Communications Strategy, Governance Negotiations, Anishinabek Nation/Ontario bilatreral Education negotiations of the Master Education AGreement, Governance Working Groups, Chiefs Committee on Governance, and First Nation Constitution Development.

Community Consultations

  • Supports consultations and provides updates to First Nations citizens and collects feedback on the self-governance agreements that are being negotiated for them.

Education and Governance Negotiations:

  • Supports negotiations conducted in a manner that allows First Nation citizens to attend and observe the negotiations in rural and urban communities.

Education and Governance Working Groups:

  • Supports the Education and Governance Agreements, two (2) working groups have been established to provide direct grassroots input and pursue a Final Agreement for each negotiation.

Chiefs Committee on Governance:

  • Is made up of representatives from each of the four (4) regions of the Union of Ontario Indians, and the committee provides direction and support to the agreement negotiations.

Constitution Development:

  • In conjunction with the self-governance Agreements, an Anishinabek Constitution, as well as First Nation constitutions are being developed by the Participating First Nations and Union of Ontario Indians, respectively.

Appeals & Redress:

  • Supports regional tribunals formed to deliver on appeals and redress services for the First Nations in each of the four (4) regions, and for the Anishinabek Nation as a whole.

Approvals and Ratification:

  • Supports the identification of eligible First Nation citizens who will be able to review the Final Education and Governance Agreements and vote on their approval in a final ratification
Implementing the Declaration of 1980
We are Nations. We have always been Nations. As Nations, we have inherent rights that have never been given up. We have the right to our own forms of government. We have the right to self-determination.