Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Watch and learn from Kim Debassige and Quinn Meawasige as they share their journey. Encourage yourself to think why is sharing your journey important? Can you relate to either journey?

They provide their perspectives on the importance of treaty education.

“The agreements that have been made have not been honoured.” Kim Debassige

Do you see similarities on how both Kim and Quinn view the importance of treaty education? Can you connect their thoughts with what you have learned on treaties? What can you contribute?

Language and culture are vitally important for many reasons. They share what they have learned about the importance in reclaiming language as a way to heal the next generation. Language and culture are

“Language and culture for Indigenous people is the foundation of who they are.” Quinn Meawasige

Discuss why language and culture is so important. Do you see an increase in people reclaiming their language and culture? What do you think some barriers to reclaiming language and culture might be? Do you have a role to play?