Iroquois Caucus, Anishinabek Nation issue Declaration, send letter to Trudeau regarding Radioactive Liquid Shipments from Chalk River

(Kahnawake – April 21, 2017) The Iroquois Caucus and the Anishinabek Nation wish to announce that they have issued a Joint Declaration regarding their serious concerns regarding the transportation of highly-radioactive liquid waste on their respective territories (see below).

Additionally, a joint letter to Prime Minister (see below) was sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau yesterday advising Canada of our concerns in these matters. The letter was signed by Kahnawà:ke Grand Chief Joseph Tokwiro Norton on behalf of the Iroquois Caucus and by Grand Council Chief Patrick Wedaseh Madahbee on behalf of the Anishinabek Nation.

A proposal to transport over 100 truckloads of highly-radioactive liquid material from Chalk River, Ontario to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina is being condemned as extremely dangerous and ill-advised.

“We understand that a small amount of this radioactive liquid, just a fraction of a liter, can contaminate hundreds of millions of liters of water to levels far exceeding the current drinking water limits,” the letter states. “We have unified and strongly opposed this proposal as these shipments would, of necessity, enter the U.S. along roads and bridges on or adjacent to some of our traditional territories.”

“We draw on our sacred law, traditional law, customary laws – we need to protect the lands, waters and all living things for future generations,” the Joint Declaration states. ”We remain collective and unified in our decisions and that radioactive waste will not be transported, exported or imported throughout our territories by road, rail, water or other means on transportation.”

The Anishinabek Nation and Iroquois Caucus wish to remind the government and various authorities that there is an alternative to eliminate the weapons-grade uranium on the Chalk River site, called down-blending, which is a much safer alternative.

The shipments from Chalk River are scheduled to begin in the spring. A prompt reply is expected.