• Nations develop laws to govern how their citizens will live together in harmony.
  • Laws are made for the peace, order, and good governance of a Nations.
  • Laws may be written documents or passed orally through ceremony and teachings.


  • The Anishinabek Nation has always had laws.
  • Our original laws are the Seven Scared Gifts given by the Creator: Love, Truth, Respect, Wisdom, Humility, Honesty and Bravery.
  • The Anishinabek Nation continues to make laws for our citizens today.
  • The Anishinabek Nation Matrimonial Real Property Law passed in 2007, and the on-going development of the Anishinabek Nation Child Welfare Law and the Anishinbek E’Dbendaagzijig Naaknigewin (citizenship law) are examples of present day laws being established.


  • The Anishinabek Nation’s current process for making written laws, generally includes:
  • Direction from the Anishinabek Nation Chiefs in Assembly by resolution that a law is required and is to be developed;
  • Establishment of a committee, such as a Steering Committee, who is responsible for developing the draft law;
  • Consulting with Anishinabek citizens on what should be included in the law;
  • Drafting the law;
  • Presenting and reporting on the draft law;
  • Approval of the law by the Anishinabek Chiefs in Assembly; and
  • Proclaiming the law through ceremony that includes song, dance, feast, and give-away