Koganaawsawin to host National Indigenous Child Well-Being Summit

ANISHINABEK NATION HEAD OFFICE (April 17, 2023) – First Nations across Canada are joining Koganaawsawin, the central coordinating body of the Anishinabek Child, Youth, and Family Well-Being System, for a National Indigenous Child Well-Being Summit: How We Govern and Maintain Jurisdiction Over Our Children and Youth. The three-day virtual event will take place from 11am-3pm EST on April 24, 25, and 26, 2023.

“First Nations across the country need to create an evolutionary approach to addressing the systemic inequities that impede the rights of our children to flourish in healthy environments,” says Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Reg Niganobe. “Indigenous-led child welfare will lead us to tangible change, evolving the system, and heightening our representation and involvement in child, youth, and family well-being.”

Organized by Koganaawsawin to provide an opportunity for individuals, agencies, and First Nations across Canada to participate in the exchange of ideas, experience, and knowledge on the jurisdiction of Indigenous child welfare, the Summit will benefit First Nations, children, youth, and families across Turtle Island.

Speakers on the agenda for the Summit include Dr. Pamela Palmater, Anishinabek Nation Children’s Commissioner Duke Peltier, practicing lawyers Sara Mainville, Tracey O’Donnell, Judith Rae, and Jidé Afolabi, and Cowessess First Nation Chief Cadmus Delorme. On Day Three, participants will also have the opportunity to attend a workshop.

“Throughout the Summit, we will be discussing the importance of asserting inherent jurisdiction over child welfare, the various processes used in developing Indigenous child well-being laws, how inherent jurisdiction is asserted, Indigenous self-government structures, coordination agreements, federal funding, and family advocacy,” says Anishinabek Nation Director of Social Development and Koganaawsawin Adrienne Pelletier.

Registration for the Summit is open until April 21, 2023, at 12:00 AM EST. The fee to attend is $250 CAD. To register online, visit: www.anishinabek.online/jurisdiction

“First Nations have a sacred duty to ensure the well-being of their people. This Summit will help provide Nations across the country with the knowledge and information they need to exercise their inherent right to take care of their own children,” adds Grand Council Chief Niganobe.

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