Anishinabek Nation signs gasoline and tobacco Agreement-in-Principle with Ontario

TORONTO, ON (March 8, 2018)—The Anishinabek Nation and the Ontario government signed a non-binding Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) that will establish a commitment to explore further discussions and frameworks in regards to gasoline and tobacco regulation and revenue-sharing.

“In signing this Agreement-in-Principle, it simply means that we will continue to have open discussions with the province regarding gasoline and tobacco regulation and revenue-sharing, while also continuing engagement and discussions with our grassroots citizens and First Nations retailers. Obtaining their input and direction is our first and foremost priority. We will continue to come out to the regions with community engagement sessions this Spring to get the valuable input from our citizens and retailers,” expressed Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee.

In June 2015, the Anishinabek Chiefs-in-Assembly unanimously supported the development of a plan for the creation of a Gasoline and Tobacco Compact between the Anishinabek Nation and the Ontario government for the benefit of the Anishinabek First Nations. Subsequent resolutions in the Summer and Fall of 2017 supported the development of an Agreement-in-Principle with the Anishinabek Nation and the Ontario government.

Tobacco is a communal right of each First Nation and an integral part of Anishinaabe culture and spirituality. Exercising this right is a component in developing sustainable growth for First Nations to enhance the lives of all citizens and increase employment opportunities to secure a future for the next seven generations.

The current provincial Allocation System (quota) is based on a formula managed by the province and calculated by a percentage of registered members.


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