Community involvement and informed consent are critical to the advancement and success of the self-determination/self-governance of the Anishinabek Nation. As directed by the Grand Council Chiefs, the Anishinabek Nation is involved in some major self-governance initiatives that have been in development for some time and that we must move forward with this year. In this regard, the Restoration of Jurisdiction department of the Union of Ontario Indians will be implementing Phase II of the Community Engagement Strategy (CES), which aims to support Anishinabek Nation governance and jurisdiction initiatives through advocacy, coordination and facilitation. This strategy is based on input from a series of community engagement workshops and conferences held last year.



  • Promotion and advocacy for the Anishinabek Chi-Naaknigewin (Anishinabek Nation Constitution)
  • Support and guidance for the development of First Nation community constitutions;
  • Finalizing the negotiations of the Anishinabek Education Agreement with Canada and preparation for ratification of the Agreement and implementation of the Anishinabek Education System;
  • Finalizing the negotiations of the Anishinabek Governance Agreement with Canada and preparation for the ratification of the Agreement and implementation of the Anishinabek Nation Government;
  • Increasing support and awareness, community engagement, and capacity development by identifying ROJ champions through the Education and Governance Working Group members; and
  • Promotion and advocacy for other Anishinabek laws such as the Citizenship Law, the Matrimonial Property Law and the Child Welfare Law.


  • To strengthen Anishinabek Nation unity through Nation Building activities;
  • To empower citizens through their involvement in these activities;
  • Building champions and spokespersons for the Anishinabek Nation
  • Building knowledge about the Governance and Education Agreements and the new governing institutions and government-to-government relationships they represent; and
  • To create the momentum needed to move away from the Indian Act and implement Anishinabek government and jurisdiction (rights-based agenda).


  • Chiefs and Councilors
  • Membership Clerks and Band Managers
  • Education & Governance Working Group Members
  • Community Constitution Development Committee Members
  • Community Youth and Elders


  • An annual strategic plan that includes working with First Nation communities to enhance their communications capacity in various areas including newletters, websites and social media, internal and external communications, as well as communications planning;
  • A youth-oriented communications plan that combines the use of traditional and social media strategies, participation in local, regional and Anishinabek Nation level events;
  • A series of community-based information sessions on various initiatives including education, constitution development, traditional clan teachings, etc;
  • Conferences and workshops on Restoration of Jurisdiction initiatives such as communications, constitutions, education, citizenship, facilitation training, etc;
  • Participation at various First Nation events and forums; and
  • Continuous improvements to the Restoration of Jurisdictions on-line presence, increased use of new media, on-going collection of grass-roots community feedback; development of promotional materials.

For more information on the Community Engagement Strategy and to register for events please contact the ROJ Community Relations Coordinator at (705) 497-9127 or contact the Restoration of Jurisdiction department by email at