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The goal of the Treaty Research program is to assist in resolving outstanding specific claims within the Anishinabek Nation. The role of the Treaty Research program is to coordinate and assist Anishinabek First Nations with research, legal work and finalization of specific claims in submission to the Specific Claims Branch of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). With a limited budget, the program funds specific claims on a claim-by-claim basis.

If you are interested in submitting Specific Claim to the Treaty Research workplan, please follow the link below to the Specific Claim Proposal Template.

Land Claims
In general, there are two types of Aboriginal claims in Canada that are commonly referred to as “land claims” - comprehensive claims and specific claims.  Comprehensive claims always involve land, but specific claims are not necessarily land-related.

Comprehensive Claims
Comprehensive claims deal with the unfinished business of treaty-making in Canada.  These claims arise in areas of Canada where Aboriginal land rights have not been dealt with by past treaties or through other legal means.  In these areas, forward-looking modern treaties are negotiated between the Aboriginal group, Canada and the province or territory.

Specific Claims
Specific claims deal with past grievances of First Nations related to Canada's obligations under historic treaties or the way it managed First Nations' funds or other assets.  To honour its obligations, Canada negotiates settlements with the First Nation and (where applicable) provincial and/or territorial governments.
What is a Treaty?
A Treaty is an agreement between two or more sovereign Nations."A Treaty is not only law, but also a contract between two Nations and must be so construed to give full force and effect to all of its parts."

Elements of the Treaty:
Government to Government relationship:
the process of negotiating the Treaty established mutual respect and was viewed as an international agreement.
Lands set aside for exclusive use of the Anishinabe:
the Treaty guarenteed that each community would identify an area suitable for their people, and future generations, to live as they always had. In other words, the economy of First Nations was to be maintained unaffected by the settlement of Europeans.
Hunting and Fishing Guarenteed:
the Traditional resource harvesting activities were guarenteed. All Anishinabe members of the Treaty area, were to have unrestricted access to hunt and fish as they always had.
Treaty annuities:
to compensate for loss of land due to European settlement, each Anishinabe family was guarenteed an annual payment to offset living expenses.


Aboriginal Documentary Heritage
Virtual exhibition that recounts the history between the Government of Canada and First Nations People.

Spirit & Intent: Understanding Aboriginal Treaties

Reporting Centre on Specific Claims (INAC)

Treaty Annuity Payment Request Form
Please note that at the bottom of the page on this link is the Treaty Annuity Request Form as well as other forms you may require when dealing with Indian Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). Forms - Benefits and Rights

2011 National Claims Research Workshop
2011 National Claims Research Workshop was hosted by Conseil Tribal Mamuitun (CTM) of Quebec, in Quebec City, QC.


Robinson Huron Treaty Rights
File: Robinson Huron Treaty Rights.pdf

Robinson Superior Treaty
File: Robinson Superior Treaty.pdf

Williams Treaty
File: Williams Treaty - Chippewa.pdf

Williams Treaty
File: Williams Treaty - Mississauga.pdf

Robinson Huron Treaty Image
File: Robinson_Huron_Treaty.jpg

Royal Proclamation Image
File: Royal_Proclamation.jpg

Royal Proclamation
File: the royal proclamationtranscript.pdf

Robinson Huron Treaty Text

Specific Claim Proposal Form
File: SpecClaimProposalTemplate.doc


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