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Social Assistance:
The Social Development department assists First Nation communities by monitoring government policy and legislative changes to ensure First Nation concerns are raised.  Below are links available should you require more information about social assistance
Ontario Native Welfare Administrator’s Association
The Ontario Native Welfare Administrator's Association strive to develop services that reflect native culture in form and content. The Association will promote and develop culturally appropriate training and delivery of social programs, policies and practices and recommend amendments as they apply toward First Nations people. Link: www.onwaa.com

Niigaaniin Financial Support Program

The Niigaaniin Financial Support program provides assistance for the purpose of basic needs and shelter. Eligibility for assistance is based on the following:

•    The number of members in your family.
•    The cost of your shelter (rent)
•    Your income or the income of any dependent adults or co-applicants.
•    Your assets such as vehicles, properties, RRSPs and so on.
•    Your participation in approved Employment Assistance Activities. All persons accepted into the Niigaaniin program who are at least 18 years of age and employable are required to participate.
The Application Process
Your first step in the application process is to contact the Niigaaniin Office in your community. Visit our Delivery Sites page for contact details. Your application is dated to when that first call is made.
You will be contacted by a case worker and given a date and time to fill out an application. You will be asked to bring government photo identification, social insurance number, bank account information, record of employment, income tax assessments and any other information requested to complete your application.
The Intake Appointment
The next step of the application process is called the Intake Appointment. You and if applicable your spouse or same sex partner and any of your dependents adults over the age of 18 will be asked a series of questions to evaluate your level of assistance.  This appointment also ensures that all information given such as residence, and if applicable school enrollment, is up to date and correct. An application is not complete until the application and all accompanying forms are completed by you, if applicable your spouse and any dependent adults in your family.
If you have a complete application, you will receive a notice of decision regarding your eligibility for assistance within four working days. If your application is incomplete, you will have ten working days to obtain and submit the outstanding information needed to process your application. This notice can be in writing, in person or mailed.
Niigaaniin is available to the following communities:
•    Batchewana First Nation
•    Garden River First Nation
•    Thessalon First Nation
•    Mississauga First Nation
•    Serpent River First Nation
•    Sagamok First Nation
•    Atikameksheng Anishnawbek
•    Wahnapitae First Nation

Final Report from “Commission for the Review of Social Assistance”: social_assistance_review_final_report.pdf
(Will send in email - PDF file)
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