Media Relations (Respect)

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Media Relations (Respect)

To provide Aboriginal and mainstream journalists with accurate and timely information about Anishinabek Nation plans and activities; to assist Anishinabek Nation communities in dealing with media.
  • News releases, media advisories, news conferences 
  • Social media: Facebook, YouTube
  • Generating significant amount of UOI news coverage via regional media contacts
  • Extensive networking with local/regional/national media
  • Media relations advice/support to all Anishinabek Nation First Nations
  • Presentation of Debwewin Citation Awards honouring excellence in aboriginal issues storytelling
  • Aboriginal Beat Conferences: Sudbury (2001), North Bay (2003), Thunder Bay (2005).

2014 Press Releases


2013 Press Releases

January 7

Anishinabek mourn respected Elder Rod Monague
January 10
Protect First Nations students from backlash: Madahbee
January 15
Words haven’t worked; time for action: Madahbee
January 17

Madahbee praises Anishinabek solidarity
January 22
Madahbee declines Queen’s Jubilee medal
January 24

Hunger strike made point: Madahbee
January 28

Premier Wynne knows issues: Madahbee
March 21

Anishinabek to honour Indian Residential School survivors
March 25

Survivors’ monument signifies resilience: Madahbee
March 26

Harper should have met walkers, not Pandas: Madahbee
April 2

Postpone new mining regulations: Madahbee
April 17

Anishinabek News opens pages to more readers
May 17

May 31

June 4
June 5
June 17
July 18
'Harper continues with colonial agenda today':  Madahbee
July 24

Jody Porter to receive Debwewin Citation for journalism excellence
September 3

Honouring Mothers pow-wow to raise awareness for FASD
September 6

Dudley George died for our rights:  Madahbee
September 11

Anishinabek leaders in fight against FASD
September 20
Harper tarnishing Canada's reputation:  Hare
October 17
Throne Speech 'colonial':  Madahbee
October 25

Education Act repeats mistakes, threatens futures:  Madahbee
October 28

Anishinabek, Ontario extend resource cooperation
October 29

Anishinabek mourn passing of Musqueam Chief Ernie Campbell
October 30

Statement on James Street Bridge fire in Fort William First Nation
November 11

'Our ally is attacking us':  Madahbee
November 12

Youth to represent Anishinabek Nation at summit
November 14

Anishinabek continue to pursue own education system
November 18

'Seeing a future helps prevent addiction': Madahbee
November 19

Anishinabek have treaty rights to share mining revenues
December 6

2012 Press Releases

January 5   

 No nuke waste in our backyard: Madahbee
January 9

[Bulletin] Ontario offers 30% discount on tuition in September
January 11

Anishinabek Nation offers condolences to the community of North Spirit Lake
January 19

Anishinabek looking for action, not photo-ops
January 19

Economic development a priority for First Nations
January 19

First Nations force-fed lower living standards
January 19

Need to hear First Nations voices on environment
January 19

Self-determination should be on the table in Ottawa:  Day
January 25 

First Nations overlooked part of economy
January 25  

First Nations issues need hard work, not hob-nobbing: Madahbee
February 9

First Nations pay steep price for rights abuses in Canada:  Madahbee
February 16

Equal education funding 'no brainer': Madahbee
March 6

First Nations seeking dialogue with mining companies:  Madahbee
March 30

Piecemeal approach entrenches poverty: Anishinabek
April 4

Child Advocate program one-of-kind in Ontario
April 24

The Anishinabek are ready to move forward in self-governance.
April 30  

First Nations determined to implement Education System
May 2

New mining regulations require Anishinabek consultation: Chief Day
June 5

Madahbee acclaimed as Grand Council Chief
June 27

Madahbee congratulates Beardy
July 16

Low water hearing ‘sham’: Anishinabek leaders
July 19  

Madahbee congratulates National Chief Shawn Atleo
August 9  

Anishinabek News for a Nation
August 16  

Hare congratulates Yesno
September 7

First Nations facing more fiscal attacks
September 10

Treaty beneficiaries haven’t had raise in 138 years
September 27

Northern Superior Chiefs oppose wind farm due to lack of consultation
October 3

Ontario losing touch with environment: Madahbee
October 4

Big numbers hide huge failures: Madahbee
October 4

Consultation still mining act gap: Anishinabek
October 19  

Kateri: The first indigenous person from North America to be canonized

2011 Press Releases

January 20  

Anishinabek to participate in long-form census
February 8

Nuclear waste shipment ignores rule of law: Madahbee
March 4

Anishinabek ratify constitution; step to self-government
March 8

Anishinabek honour achievements of women
March 22

First Nations launch blue-ribbon campaign to protect Great Lakes
May 5

Anishinabek mourn passing of Ron Wakegijig
May 18

Anishinabek Grand Council Chief: We are not aboriginal
June 2

Anishinabek commit to completing constitutional work
July 21

Child welfare report has it right: Madahbee
July 26

Anishinabek Nation launches YouTube Channel
August 2

Anishinabek mourn passing of Grandfather William Commanda
August 16

Land transfer to Missanabie Cree First Nation ignores Robinson Superior Treaty Rights: Madahbee
August 19

Anishinabek applaud legal victory for Grassy Narrows First Nation
August 22

Anishinabek Nation loses a friend in Jack Layton
October 4

Anishinabek have voting ammunition
October 7

Partnership with McGuinty and Anishinabek to move in positive direction
October 20

Anishinabek ready to move forward with Ontario government
November 1

Bell customers on hold for one year: Madahbee
November 3

First Nation leaders affirm coordinated plans of action to support First Nation governments
November 10

Anishinabek salute warriors
November 14

We are treaty citizens with inherent rights – not Indian Act children
November 30

First Nations calling on province to work on FASD prevention
December 2

Anishinabek Nation supports Attawapiskat First Nation
December 15

Anishinabek support UN attention on murdered and missing women


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