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Our Mandate
The Legal Department provides legal services to the Union of Ontario Indians, its affiliated corporations, and First Nations comprising the Anishinabek Nation.
The Legal Department has a mandate to:
      •    Provide general legal services as required by the Anishinabek Nation;
      •    Provide advocacy on behalf of the Anishinabek Nation;
      •    Provide legal support to the program areas of the Union of Ontario Indians;
      •    Provide legally oriented training and community capacity development; and
      •    Provide public education on Aboriginal and treaty rights.
Specific Legal Services
The legal services provided by the Legal Department include, but are not limited to, the following:
      •    Governmental negotiations;
      •    Corporate and commercial law;
      •    Mediation and conflict resolution;
      •    Labour and employment law;
      •    Legal advice on legislation such as the Indian Act, First Nations Lands Management Act, and the First Nations Fiscal and Statistical Management Act;
      •    Tribunal, public inquiry, and intervenor advocacy;
      •    Natural resource law advocacy;
      •    Drafting laws and policies for Anishinabek Self-Government Initiatives;
      •    Providing advice on local, regional, and national political issues;
      •    First Nation tax law; and
      •    Provincial offences litigation.
      •    Group and Conference Facilitation.
The UOI Legal Department also provides general legal training and evaluation services, notably in the following areas:
      •    Law and policy drafting;
      •    Program, policy and governance evaluations;
      •    Orientation for Chief and Councils;
      •    Policies and procedures;
      •    Board and committee training;
      •    Conflict resolution training;
      •    Treaty and Aboriginal rights training (including duty to consult and accommodate); and,
      •    Human rights training.
The UOI Legal Department does not provide legal services in:
      •    Family law;
      •    Criminal law;
      •    Real estate;
      •    Wills and estates;
      •    Child Welfare (CAS) matters;
      •    Insurance litigation; or
      •    Personal injury law.

As we represent First Nations of the Anishinabek Nation, we do not deal with complaints against member First Nations or Chief and Councils.
Generally, we do not provide legal services directly to individual citizens.  However, situations may arise where the Legal Department is asked to represent an individual citizen where a case has the potential to set precedents affecting the Anishinabek Nation or one of its regions.
Fees for Service
The Legal Department is not government funded. We provide specific services on a fee for service basis in support of our mandate and our not-for-profit status.

Additional Legal Service Resources

If you are seeking legal representation that is beyond our mandate, please consider the following services:

         •    The Law Society Referral Service - This service offered by the Law Society of Upper Canada allows you to locate a lawyer or licensed paralegal in your area who practices the particular area of law in which you seek assistance. Individuals who use this service may receive a free 30 minute consultation. Contact: or 1-800-268-8326 or 416-947-3330 (within the Greater Toronto Area).

         •    Legal Aid Ontario – You may be eligible for a legal aid certificate or other forms of legal advice if you cannot afford a lawyer and meet the necessary criteria established by Legal Aid Ontario. Contact: or toll free: 1-800-668-8258 for more information.
For information on court services and locations: 

News, Events, Publications

The following links are some examples of the legal work we have done:

      •    Submissions to the Ipperwash Inquiry;
      •    Treaty and Aboriginal rights training;
      •    Duty to consult and accommodate;
      •    Great Lakes Submissions to the Nuclear Tribunal; and,
      •    Appeals and Redress Reports and Information.

Contact Information

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For additional information about In House or any information regarding the content of this page, please contact:

Bellefeuille, Fred
Legal Department Director

Gammon, Sarah
Legal Admin Clerk
Tel:705-497-9127 x2308

Newhook, Linda
Legal Admin Coordinator
Tel:705-497-9127 x2230

Restoule, Jenny
Legal Counsel

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