Anishinabek/Ontario Resource Management

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AKI- KWAMA-JIGA-ING (Looking After All Resources)

The Anishinabek/Ontario Resource Management Council, also known as “RMC” was established within the Union of Ontario Indians in the fall of 2000 and currently is staffed with a RMC Coordinator. The goal of the Resource Management Council is to improve communication, dialogue and relations between the Anishinabek Nation, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The Resource Management Council working area encompasses the traditional territory of the 40 member communities of the Anishinabek Nation. The Resource Management Council does not interfere with or replace the authority of local First Nations governments nor does it absolve the Ontario government of its responsibility to consult directly with First Nations.


The purpose of the Resource Management Council is to provide an opportunity for Anishinabek First Nations and the MNR to discuss resource management issues, exchange information, facilitate a common understanding, and collaborate on the resolution issues.

The intention of the parties in creating the Resource Management Council is to provide First Nations with a formal, common table through which priority matters within the following broad themes may be negotiated:

·        Communication

·        Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs

·        Forestry

·        Hunting/Fishing/Trapping

·        Land Use Planning

·        Other issues as brought forward by First Nations

The parties agree to the sharing of information and discussion of issues, and collaborate on the resolution of issues of regional concern that are specific to UOI First Nations.  
Revitalizing the AORMC
For over ten years the AORMC has been the model in how First Nations and government do business. Its open dialogue and sharing of information only touch the surface of establishing a relationship that built  trust and respect. The work done by the supporting working groups highlighted the true value of what the AORMC can do.
In the past year, the AORMC process was relooked at by leadership and it was determined that in order to be effective, the AORMC will need to make some subtle changes in order to meet the needs of the Anishinabek citizens. With a goal of advancing the AORMC and extending to meet the needs and concerns of the Anishinabek Nation member communities, the Anishinabek Nation and Ministry will need to align its priorities to the diverseness of the regions within the Anishinabek Nation.
The AORMC process is in its 10th year, and fourth renewal. This speaks to the effective working relationships between Anishinabek Nation and government.On April 28th, 2010, the AORMC has successfully signed another multi-year agreement and is looking to further strengthen and support the rights based ageneda with regard to natural resource policies with the Ontario government.
Together Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee and Ontario Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey signed the Anishinabek Ontario Resource Management Council Agreement, Trapping Harmonization Agreement, Letter of Commitment and the Great Lakes St. Lawrenece River Sustainable Water Resources Agreement each intergral to the facilitation of movement of Lands and Resources issues.
The AORMC affirms the basic prinicples of mutual respect, recognition, responsibility, and cooperation, and aims to build a relationship based on trust. Consequently, the AORMC has transcended expectations and opened doors for other organizations that may consider a similar agreement.



AORMC 2007-2008 Annual Report
File: Report 2008.pdf

Reaching Effective Consultation
File: AORMC Consultation Guide.pdf


For additional information about Anishinabek/Ontario Resource Management or any information regarding the content of this page, please contact:

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RMC Coordinator
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Laronde, Jason
Director Lands and Resources
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