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Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA)
The CORDA Program was started in 1949 to assist Aboriginal harvesters practicing traditional activities that were economic in nature. Over the past several years' applications from UOI member First Nations, their related economic development corporations, First Nation owned small business and individual First Nation members have received grants. This program has continued to provide one of the only remaining sources of flexible grant resources focused on renewable and sustainable natural resource activities for First Nation communities and their membership. This program is a critical source of resources for UOI trappers as well as for other more innovative projects that mainstream funding resources are unable to support.
The Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement (CORDA) is an agreement between Canada, Ontario and First Nation members in Ontario.
The Agreement promotes resource and economic development initiatives for First Nations' members by providing financial assistance to develop and utilize renewable natural resources.
Indian Affairs and Northern Development Canada (INAC) and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) have provided financial assistance.
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