The Lands and Resources Department was established within the Union of Ontario Indians in the spring of 2007. Currently, there are five (5) program areas with staffing capabilities. These include: Anishinabek/Ontario Resource Management Council, Water Resources, Minerals and Mining, Trapping, and Canada Ontario Resource Development Agreement.


The Lands and Resources mission is to foster a better quality of life by ensuring access to natural resources by supporting the goals, values and aspirations of the Anishinabek Nation.

Guiding Principles

Capacity Building

  • by creating opportunities our communities are empowered to increase the natural, technical and financial capacity derived and generated from our lands and natural resources.”
  • Jurisdiction and Treaty Rights -“by building and preserving Anishinabek laws within our territories, communities can continue to assert and exercise jurisdiction, implementing ownership of lands, water and resources.”
  • Access to Lands and Resources – “our communities are strengthened by continuous advocacy efforts to increase access to lands and resources.”

Value Statements:

  • Environmental Values – “by respecting Mother Earth we foster change which will sustain our lands and resources, preserving the integrity of the Seventh Generation and our Anishinabe Bimaaadziwn.
  • Awareness and Communication – “with a continual effort to understand our communities we are committed to facilitate education, sharing current events and traditional wisdom.”

Lands and resources meets the mandate by:

  • monitoring issues
  • development of clear communication to First Nations and members
  • completing resolution follow-up tasks, and other duties directed by First Nations, Regional Chief, Assemblies and Grand Council.

Mines and Minerals:

Since 2016 the Anishinabek Nation (AN), has been working with the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM), through what is commonly referred to as the Regional Framework. In this framework, representatives of each member community of the Anishinabek Nation attend a Table corresponding to their Region. The purpose of these Tables is to improve the ability of the Anishinabek communities and their members to engage with, and benefit from the development of minerals and mines in Anishinabek Territory. The Tables meet quarterly and provide opportunities for information exchange, identification of issues of common concern, and development of solutions to challenges faced by Anishinabek communities in engaging with the minerals and mines sector. These Tables are also a tool for relationship building in that they provide opportunities for Anishinabek community members to meet on a regular basis with MNDM staff and to exchange information and ideas. In this way, the Tables also help to improve accountability of all parties to one another through the establishment and tracking of action points that are reported on at the Table. The Tables are attended by Anishinabek leaders, mining, minerals or economic development portfolio holders and technicians from the communities of the Region.

The work of the Regional Table helps to support other elements of the relationship between the AN and MNDM. Issues identified at a Regional Table that are of a technical nature or those that may impact more than one region can be sent to the AN-MNDM Advisory Council, where a smaller group made up of representatives from all four Anishinabek Regions and the MNDM can focus on exploring options and recommending actions. The Tables also provide an important link between localized communities and the AN-MNDM Bi-lateral Leadership Forum Where the Grand Council Chief, Regional Grand Chiefs, Elders and AN Staff meet with the Minister of Northern Development and Mines twice a year to discuss mining related issues.

Regional Roundtables – April 2017

Regional Roundtables – Summer 2017

Readers Corner

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Interested in seeing what is relationship is between Anishinabek Nation and Ministry of Northern Development and Mines?  Take a look at this DIAGRAM depicting the structure of the relationship.

Primary Support Staff

  • Cameron Welch- Policy Analyst
  • Tammy Desmoulin- Program Coordinator

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